How Do Business Affect Education

Today businesses has a more significant role in education than at any time in the past. There are plenty of initiatives that have helped to make the relationship between business and education wide and deep. Despite the latest ed-tech startups, we still need to figure out if we are going ahead in the right direction.
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The Three Problems

However, three particular problems continue to plague schools and colleges. The first and foremost among them is the problem caused by social evils like drugs, poverty, and violence. These three are the main reasons for the troubled lives of many children, and too often, children find it hard to cope with these problems themselves. The teacher often must feed the stomachs and souls of students to make them ready to consume education and knowledge.
The other significant problem faced by the public school system in the United States is the unworkable combination of the bureaucracies that are simply not flexible enough and senseless regulations. Add to the mix some really incompetent educational administrators and representatives of teacher's bodies and other unions. In fact, it would not be perhaps wrong to say that in many, if not most cases, educational excellence survives despite the system and not because of it. Do such facts make you want to dig deeper, but you lack the time? You can make some spare time for yourself by hiring Best Essays after reading this bestessays review.
The last problem is the one posed by educational figures getting dim. The high school dropout rates, diminishing STEM capabilities, and the inability to carry out effective research are all causes of concern. The last problem has been highlighted often enough in the mainstream public thought. It has resulted in several special educational initiatives undertaken by businesses.

Challenge Assumptions

Do we really need businesses to be associated with education in any direct manner? When the question was first asked, members of both sides had little data and statistics to go by. Thankfully the scenario is vastly different and can help us to come to suitable viewpoints that will help the future American student.
But the basic two issues are here. These are respectively:
• Schools are a problem that businesses can solve
• The school like work needs to be treated in the same manner
With globalization and the development of American society, these two assumptions no longer hold any suitable ground. There is a demand for training in terms of emerging economic and technological changes. This holds true for schools as well as businesses. The irony takes place when businesses can recognize this need in schools but not in their own organizations. The top superbpaper reviews mean that you have enough time to ponder on such things after you hire the service for your essays and reviews.

What We Need Now

Businesses need to look inside their organizations and change them to change the schools that supply their human resources. Only in such a way, it is possible to reach harmony in the business-education relationship.

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